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•    Sustainability.
Today, it is an inescapable fact that the earth’s resources are getting depleted faster than they can be replaced. It is therefore paramount that we redesign the systems that sustain our way of life so that we don’t continue to squander the earth’s resources. This concept is called sustainability.
In embracing sustainability, we have put emphasis on the following 2 pillars, incorporating them in our design solutions as much as possible;

o    Recycled materials.
There are numerous recycled materials in the market today, from waterproof countertops made from recycled cardboard to interior trim made from wood scraps. All these products are beautiful, exhibiting natural textures of their own, and unlike plastic, they have a personality.
Building systems, such as plumbing, can be designed towards recycling. Though the initial costs of such systems are high, it can be recouped in a few years of a buildings use.

o    Energy Conservation.
With escalating energy costs, it is now a must to design buildings that consume less energy. Factors like day lighting and natural ventilation must be incorporated into the design of a building.
The use of renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind, are also explored at length, to ensure that a building is as self sufficient in its energy needs as possible.

•    Not So Big A House.
This entails designing towards a specific end, as opposed to designing big for possible future use. Some people have likened the last option to wearing a sack instead of a tailored suit! It offers capacity, but in place of comfort and charm. Big spaces are only comfortable when filled with people, and are often rarely used. We encourage our clients at all times to build only what they will require, allowing their spaces to have meaning.